>Mucicaldragperformance - Peter Andersen<

Peter Andersen is a sensational solo performer. This spectacular Cross-Dressed “Drag Show” is at home on The Big Stage, Club, Casino or Cruise Ship level but special versions are a superb choice for Bachelorette, Wedding and Private Parties, too.

The show is a full scale musical theater performance, where club, rock and cabaret gloriously co-exist. It can be nearly old-fashioned or bordering on erotica. It's a fast moving, well choreographed extravaganza where music smoothly blends with occasional Eddie Izzard / Monty Python style comedy.

The Show is not necessarily a solo affair with Peter Andersen. It's usually supported by a sound-artist (who will double as a DJ) and, upon request, a number of other supporting performers.

Even though in its full-size form it could fit Madison Square Garden, in its “compact” size its also perfect at more intimate, personal events.

The Peter Andersen Show is a fabulous choice as a drag show at a Bachelorette Party, as a transvestite performance at a Wedding Party (if something mildly kinky fits the plate...) or a cross-dressed musical cabaret spectacle at High-End Private Parties and Corporate Events.

Though the show is definitely a "gender-bender" (the main male performer morphs into a female character for each set of music) it differs from the usual "drag queen" or "female impersonator" acts in some subtle ways. There is no crude vulgarity and obscenity. (Okay, I'll put some in if you request it..) .

It's not about impersonating certain celebrities, performers or characters. (There are thousands of such acts – and they are good at it...) It's about creating a new, unique, alive character for each musical set that will become one with the music from then on. (And there is only ONE of this kind of a Show...)

Peter Andersen sings and performs each piece live, real time; also plays guitar and bass and, if called for, is joined by The Team: a creative DJ who also operates the main sound mix and the light show; a gaffer (pro lighting technician) as well as other musicians and dancers.